About Us

Tom Norwood – CEO

Tom has been building websites and online businesses for over 15 years.

Apart from Bookible, he also owns two offline businesses (a Spanish language school and a restaurant/bar).

The inspiration for building Bookible came to him as he struggled to find an efficient platform to run his own business websites and booking systems.

Check his Linkedin profile HERE.

Ivan Lutrov – CTO

Ivan is a seasoned web developer who has worked with WordPress since 2005, when it was just a “cool” blogging system for pimply faced geeks.

He has developed many large sites for companies such as Ericsson, IBM, Telstra, and VACC.

Ivan is responsible for all the nitty gritty details that make the Bookible platform run as smoothly as a Swiss watch.

Check his Linkedin profile HERE.

Cherie Foo – Content Marketing

Cherie Foo is a full-stack marketer who is in love with writing and communications, and also fascinated by the power and precision of digital marketing.

Facebook ads, Google ads, press releases, content marketing, social media, partnerships, campaigns, events – she does them all!

Check her Linkedin profile HERE.

Dafina Haziri – Website Design

Dafina is an experienced Graphic Designer and Web Designer who loves working on beautiful designs. 

She is a very goal-oriented person; she works hard and does not let herself get distracted!

She has always been enthusiastic about graphic design, so is very driven to share her creativity and design various things.

Check her Linkedin profile HERE.

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