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The Benefits and Uses of an Excellent Yoga Website

Having a website to facilitate your yoga business is an absolute necessity in this day and age. A well made yoga website can bring unprecedented benefits to your business in the form of customer outreach, engagement, and loyalty.

A yoga website acts as a ‘hub’ for your business, allowing your customers to more easily receive information about any of your products or services, and have a platform to communicate with you. It allows you to advertise your products or services on a global scale and most of all, a well made yoga website is designed in a way that allows you to convert your casual visitors into paying customers.

While having a website is essential, the next important step is to make sure it has all of the important elements that will help it to SELL. There’s no point having a website that looks nice if it doesn’t actually encourage your visitors to purchase from you!

Essentials of an Excellent Yoga Website Design

When creating your yoga website, it is important to keep in mind these features that contribute towards making a good site:

Online Booking System

Among the most important elements of your yoga website is an online booking system. A booking system allows your customers to automatically sign in and reserve a place, getting instant confirmation. This will greatly reduce the amount of work that you would otherwise have to do manually, and thus, boost productivity and give you more free time (or time to focus on other areas of your business!)

The major benefits of an online booking system are:

  • It is available 24/7, allowing your customers to reserve a spot and book even in times when normal methods of calling would be unavailable. According to a study, most of the bookings are done after work hours, meaning the traditional phone-call method is too outdated now, and online booking is where most of the people seem to be shifting.
  • It reduces your workload immensely. By shifting the entire booking process online, you can save up on your costs of hiring a huge workforce.
  • With a proper online booking system, tasks that would otherwise require much more time and work, like recording all of the information, creation of a proper schedule, and sending of a confirmation email, are done automatically through the system, making the process much better altogether.
  • When the online setup is up and running, you can also introduce various discounts, offers, or promotions to increase customer retention and loyalty. Thus, significantly increasing your market share and brand loyalty amongst customers.

When thinking about yoga website design having an online booking system that uses yoga booking software is essential and should be implemented as soon as the website is constructed.

Helpful and Informative Content – built with SEO

Are you looking for ways to make your website appealing? As stated before, your website acts as the central hub for your customers, and therefore, it must engage your customers and encourage them to participate in online discussions.

One way you can do that is by creating and uploading engaging content onto your website. Create a constant stream of articles in the form of blog posts including useful tips, techniques, and information that might interest your customers, so as to invite as much interaction as possible.

Such articles, when created using Search Engine Optimization in mind, can also allow you to be more accessible to search engines like Google, and thus result amongst the top links when someone searches for yoga studios in your area.

How to incorporate SEO logic into your articles? By using a tool like Google’s keyword planner, you can easily find out how many people are searching for different keywords relating to your business, and incorporate these keywords (phrases) in your blog posts. 

Watch the video below to see how to do this:

The major thing to keep in mind when writing blog posts for your website is to provide your customers with useful tidbits that will leave them wanting for more, causing them to return to your website more often. 

Social Media Links

We all know how popular Facebook and Twitter are, so why not use these platforms to improve your connection with the customers? Social media websites like these can allow you to more easily communicate with your customers, at a rate much faster than that of direct emails. A huge population, if not all of your customers, will be present on these widely used websites, and you can create a page for your own business, and thus be able to post updates, information, and links to your website.

Let the world know about the unique services you have to offer!

This is exceptionally good, as even if your customers do not directly visit your website, your Facebook page will be able to convey your message to them through the news feed, and thus can help direct them towards you.

Facebook, especially is a great platform for:

  • Discussing your customer’s queries. Some customers may be unwilling to contact you on your website, or register for an account, however, as everyone has access to Facebook, they might approach you with their concerns through there.
  • Many of your customers may not actively check their email accounts, but might log into their social media ones daily. If so, through Facebook you can introduce them to new services and also tell them about new deals, offers and promotions at a faster rate.
  • Your Facebook page can include reviews, testimonials and personal experiences of your users. The more positive these are, the more inclined newer customers, who are unaware of your services, will feel towards your business.
  • By posting different pictures, you can provide your customers a look into your business.

Visit this blog post for more information on Facebook marketing for yoga studios.

In-Depth Marketing

Once you have created a website, it can now be used to market your product and services in multifarious ways. This can only be accomplished on a website that not only looks convincing but has the proper assets required to conduct such tasks.

Marketing can be done in many ways, and many of the methods used by big businesses can be applied to your website.

Strategies like unique selling propositions can be introduced to your customers, highlighting the qualities of your business that are better than that of your competitors.

One of the primary assets for the success of a USP is your website, as the better looking it is, the more convinced your customers will be about your overall package.

Your website can also include many CTAs, or Call to Action-based marketing strategies. With limited time offers, deals and promotions available on your website, your customers will want to immediately contact you and make the most of their discounted price.

Using email-based marketing is also a great way to inform your customers about new deals and offers, and is a more traditional method of communication that has its own benefits.

Make sure that your website has a way for people to easily opt-in to your newsletter, and even entice them to do so by offering some free content such as some yoga videos or a discount on your classes for people who sign up.

Most people don’t purchase from a website on their first visit, so you need to make sure that you capture their email address while you can so that you can continue to market to them and not lose them as a potential customer.

A well designed sales funnel – that captures people’s email address, engages them with free relevant content, and then continues to market to them over the next few weeks or months is by far the best way to convert casual visitors into paying customers.

If you don’t already have a website which does this, why not try a free trial of Bookible’s system, which includes a website, a booking system, and a marketing system all in one package?

Some Tips and Tricks

Here are some tips and tricks that you can use to improve your existing website:

  • Optimize your content to make it interesting, rewrite if needed.
  • Add keywords to your content, in order to rank higher on search engines.
  • Upgrade your design and make it more appealing, as well as being professional at the same time.
  • Introduce new deals and offer discounts upon registering.
  • Simplify the user interface, as a complex one drives customers away.
  • Make it mobile-friendly, so that you can reach a wider audience.
  • Make sure that your content loads fast.
  • Make sure it has a built in booking system that easily allows your customers to register with you and also saves their data for future marketing.

With all the benefits mentioned in this article, there’s no doubt that using a website for your business harbors many advantages. However, in order to avail those advantages, the website needs to be appealing.

And for that purpose, Bookible allows you to easily create high quality websites, with a built-in booking engine and marketing system that generate lots of traffic and converts them to paying customers.

Furthermore, with Bookible you can get a completely free yoga website. You can choose from a variety of beautiful, predesigned templates and customize them according to your business. Yoga website design inspiration can be brought to life quickly and easily with our unique platform.

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