Using Facebook to promote your yoga blog

Blog posts are a GREAT way to make people aware of your yoga classes.

A blog post is a great way for someone to get to know you. It’s a little like the first conversation you ever have with someone. Make it interesting, make it funny, and if you’re lucky, you might get their number (or in this case, email address).

Blog posts serve a number of functions.

You can promote them on social media and drive people to your website that way, and also they’ll get picked up by search engines and will help more people find your business that way. I’ve written other articles on SEO and search engine marketing, so make sure you read those later (see the blog categories).

But meanwhile, here’s how blog posting and Facebook work together.

First of all, you write a great blog post about something that will be interesting to your audience. If you run YIN YOGA classes, for example, then write a post on the benefits of yin yoga and maybe even include a few yin yoga poses they can try (in either photos or videos – videos are better!) Once you’ve done that, post the article to your website!

OK, now here are a few things you need to set up before you go and create an ad on Facebook that drives traffic to your new blog post.

1. Make sure that you have a lead capture form (opt in form) on your website on the same page as your blog post. This can be at the top, the bottom, in the middle, in the sidebar, or as a pop-up.

There’s no point driving people to your blog posts if you don’t capture their email addresses, as they’ll simply read your post and move on. Not everyone will sign up, of course, but those who are interested in what you do will, and they’re the people you’re really interested in anyway.

[I’m going to put a little plug in here for Bookible: If your website does not have a blogging platform with built in opt-in forms, then why not try changing over to Bookible? Our platform has all the built in marketing tools that you need to turn your website into a marketing machine! And it’s easy to use! And it’s FREE! Plug finished!]

2. Make sure you have a Facebook pixel installed on your website, and on your thank you page after your opt-in form.

As I’ve mentioned in one of my blog posts, Facebook pixel is tracking code provided by Facebook which allows you to do a number of very important things:

– It allows you to track your visitors (by putting a cookie in their browser – and no, not the type that the cookie monster likes). Once that visitor is being tracked by Facebook, you can create what’s called a “Custom Audience” in Facebook.

A custom audience will allow you to show ads ONLY to people who have visited your website in the last 30, 60, 90 or however many days you like… These people are already interested in you – so they are GREAT people to advertise to (and usually produce good results at a low price).

– The next thing a Facebook pixel does, is allow you to track CONVERSIONS. Conversions are counted when one of your visitors, sent to you through Facebook, does something specific that you want them to do – such as signing up to your mailing list or signing up to one of your classes (even better!) It’s SUPER IMPORTANT to track these conversions.

Without this, you have NO IDEA how effective your marketing is. You could be spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars and getting NOTHING in return for it.

OK – have you done all that? Phew!! That was quite a bit of work, wasn’t it.

Well, now here comes the fun bit. Now you can actually start promoting your new blog post, and you can watch new visitors coming to your website and track them to see if they actually sign up to your mailing list or your classes!


Okay, this part is a bit tricky, so I’m just going to show you a video on how to do this. I’m going to promote this post that I’m working on right now, so you can see exactly how it works.

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