Yoga Marketing Tips

Yoga, although very popular with millions of people, still needs to be advertised. If you are stuck in a rut wondering how to fill your classes, then you should pay close attention to these Yoga marketing tips. With the right kind of execution and a little consistency, you may just start looking for extra hours in your 24 to take on all the customers who will be interested in your classes.

Effective Yoga marketing tips

Become an authority and niche resource

Almost everyone wants the best for themselves. We all want the best shoes, the best cars, the best houses and the best lifestyles. It is in our innate nature to want to be associated with the best. If you want more people to sit up and take notice, you need to start positioning yourself as an authority in the Yoga niche.

This means:

  • Starting and operating an authority website like a blog.

  • Posting up informational, yet entertaining videos on social media.

  • Joining major Yoga forums and helping to solve any issues that those potential customers may be facing.

Most of all, however, is that you need to dish out useful, accurate and authentic information, for free. The more people realize that you know what you are doing, the more they will want to be associated with you and the more they will want to join your classes.

Offer special perks to your loyal customers

There is a good reason why loyalty programs work so well; they offer customers more value. As a Yoga instructor, you can easily create a loyalty system in conjunction with most associated service or product providers.

A good example would be to negotiate some form of discount for your students at a nearby organic smoothie cafe. The way to sell this is that you can either tell your students that they will get a 10% discount with your VIP card or you could sell it as a way to gain new customers. Simply advertise the fact that every new Yoga student signing up for your classes also gets a loyalty card that allows them to enjoy 10% at their favorite smoothie store!

Offer flexible hours and advertise that online

For most people, especially those who work long hours, the challenge lies in finding the time to attend their preferred Yoga classes. Because most classes have a set time schedule, many potential students get shut out because they cannot attend.

If you offer flexible hours, where you work with your student’s preferred time schedule, you might find that you will have more attendees. The downside is that this will eat up all of YOUR free time. To counter that, you could think about holding your lessons virtually instead.

How about making instructional videos that can help your students do Yoga even when you are not around?

For the most part, it can be difficult to come up with original ideas to market your Yoga classes. These are tips that have been tried and tested and found to be true.

With the right execution, these marketing tips will bring you more clients.

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