Are your booking and email marketing systems integrated? (And why they should be)

Do you run a service business with a booking and email marketing system?

How well are those two systems integrated?

And if they’re not, do you know why they should be?

By the way – if you don’t even use email marketing software, then have a look at the following statistics to find out why you should be:

In this day and age of sophisticated marketing technology, the only way that small businesses can compete is by getting savvy with their marketing.

Luckily, due to easy access to the internet, it’s not that hard to create a highly profitable marketing campaign for your business at a very low cost.

You just need to understand how.

So, read on to find out how and why you should integrate your booking and email marketing systems.

Good marketing requires that you send the right message to the right person at the right time.

If your booking system and your email marketing systems aren’t integrated, then this is impossible.

Let me give you an example.

Each one of your customers (and future customers) is at a different point in the buying cycle. Some of them haven’t yet purchased anything from you, some of them have purchased everything you’ve got and still want more (your fans), and most people are somewhere in between.

Now, do you want to send the same message to people in the first group as you do in the second group?

Absolutely not!

To people in the first group, you want to send them educational material about your business, breaking down the barriers to them signing up and making them believe that your service can solve their problem.

People in the second group already know everything there is to know about your business, and they just want to be given the chance to buy more stuff. They probably also like being told how amazing they are for being such long term customers, and also participate in things like surveys for new product development. If you’ve got any high ticket products – these are the people you’re going to be able to sell them to!

As for the people in the middle of the buying cycle, they want to know what’s next. After they’ve bought product A, what is product B? They also probably want some extra material on how they can get the most out of product A, and why they should be excited about product B.

(By the way – I know we’re selling services here, but I’m still going to refer to them as products).

Having your marketing emails connected to your booking system means that you can pick and choose who your emails go to.

Bookible has an amazing integrated booking system and email marketing system, and here is a list of the things you can do with it. Even if your own system can’t do all these things, it should at least be able to do some of them.

  • When people purchase a specific product (or service) you can add them to a mailing list that is designed just for purchasers of that product. For example, a small series of emails that helps them get the most out of that product, talks about the next product in the series (after they’ve used the product), and asks them for feedback or a review once they’ve finished.
  • You can stop sending emails in a series to people once they purchase a certain product. For example, if people have signed up to your mailing list and you’re trying to convince them to become customers, then you want to stop once they’ve already bought something from you. Bookible makes it easy to suspend emails to these people.
  • Not only that, but there are a whole range of other triggers that you can use to send emails to people:

As you can see, the number of potential ways that you can send the right email, to the right person, at the right time, is almost limitless!

PLUS, as another great feature, you can also send discount coupons to people at specific times. For example, if someone signs up for an 8 week course, maybe you’d like to send them a 10% off coupon after 5 weeks.


Just click on coupons and auto-generate a coupon to be sent to these people!

There are also some more great features related specifically to bookings:

This is a great way to get people back to your website to purchase something they’ve added to their cart but haven’t yet paid for.

Maybe, for example, 12 hours after they add a booking to their cart, if they still haven’t checked out then you can send them an email like this:

Dear John,

We noticed that you put (product name) in your shopping cart on our site but haven’t yet checked out.

Please let me know if there’s anything I can help with.

Or, if life just got in the way (as it does) and you haven’t had time yet, visit this page to check out now:




You can use the exclusion rules below to stop it from sending to people who HAVE actually checked out:

And if you want to get EVEN SMARTER, then you can send an email like this 48 hours after they add a booking to their cart but don’t check out:

Dear John,

I noticed you still haven’t checked out PRODUCT NAME.

Just in case it’s money that’s stopping you (doesn’t it always cause problems?) then I’d like to offer you a 20% discount voucher if you sign up within the next 4 hours!


Lots of love,



Given that a WHOPPING 70-80% of people abandon their shopping carts before checking out, this is a GREAT WAY to make a huge impact on your revenue without spending any more money on advertising.

Click here to read an article that I wrote about why people abandon the checkout process and how to fix it.

Anyway, as you can see, there are many reasons why your booking and email marketing systems need to be integrated.

If you’re sick of spending money on advertising and not getting a very high ROI, then you need to look at how you can make your website itself work SMARTER at turning people into customers and then into repeat customers.

Click here to see a list of all of Bookible’s features.

Or click here to see a demo.

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