Integrated Booking System


Powerful Booking Engine for booking just about anything!

Bookible's booking engine has a wide range of features making it customizable for just about any business.

Whether you need to take bookings for appointments, classes, workshops, events, resources, or just about anything else, Bookible’s booking engine can handle it.

Administrator dashboard features:

  • Create multiple locations, staff members, services, class types, resources, or just about anything else that you need to take bookings for
  • Allow different pricing on different days, or for different booking types (eg. adults and children)
  • Easily create availability schedules for all of your staff members, classes, and resources and allow your customers to choose (or not, depending on your needs)
  • Create buffer times between appointments for mobile work or where preparation is necessary
  • You can keep track of staff members easily. Immediately see who or what is available at any time and book your customers in quickly manually if necessary
  • Easily see what bookings you have coming up for each day and export if required
  • Keeps a detailed database of your customers so that you can easily see their orders and all their details, keep notes on them, and also filter customers to see who has bought which services, or who has spent the most money.

Frontend Features:

  • Clients can check their bookings and cancel and reschedule following rules that you set (ie. not more than 48 hours before booking time etc.)
  • Sell packages, coupons or store credit – for example 10 classes for $100 to entice your customers to spend more.
  • Sell memberships with discount rules to boost sales even more
  • Add additional items at time of checkout for your customers to choose from
  • Integrates with popular payment gateways


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What You'll Get:

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  • Plus Many Other Great Features!

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