1. the act of anticipating that which will come to be

2. a vivid, imaginative conception or anticipation

Plug-n-Play but Customizable

Choose a template from our range of great looking options and customize it to suit your business.

If you have an existing domain name – point it at your new site (your customers won’t know the difference)

Powerful Booking Engine

Our booking engine is easy to use and yet incredibly powerful. It can be customized for your business whether you want to take bookings for appointments, events/classes, resource hire, or any other purpose. It has a built in shopping cart for additional items at time of purchase, can handle multiple or recurring bookings, and is integrated with a number of payment gateways.

Easy Setup

Easily add your staff, your locations, and your services or resources and start taking bookings online!




1. the introduction of something new or different

2. a new idea, method, or device

Client Management

Client files to keep track of all your customers and their past history. You won’t even need separate client management software.

Shopping Cart Functionality

Gift vouchers and coupon codes to promote your services. Built in shopping cart for sale of additional items at time of checkout. Integrates with Paypal and other payment gateways.

Social Media and Newsletters

Facebook and Twitter integration for viral social media marketing. Mailing list integration to keep in touch with your clients.



1. resulting from originality of thought.

2. having the quality or power of creating.

Suitable for all businesses

Suitable for booking appointments, classes workshops or resources. Suits single bookings, multiple bookings, and recurring bookings. Just set your schedule and get started!

Advanced Functionality

SMS and email reminders keep you, your staff, and your customers on the ball.

Reports tell you how your sales are going and which services and staff are performing best.

Even More Features

Plus even more awesome features to keep your business pumping even when you’re not there!

Infinite Design Possibilities in a Single Site – Bookible’s unique structure lets you create any online booking website with just a few clicks.

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