Why Bookible is perfect for almost any kind of business that requires booking:

– Bookible can take bookings for private appointments, scheduled classes/events/workshops, or resources such as vehicles/meeting rooms etc.

– So whatever your business model – chances are Bookible will be able to help you

– Over 80% of people under the age of 40 prefer online booking to making a booking over the phone

– Most of those prefer to make online payment and have instant confirmation of their booking

– If you don’t have an online booking system, you’re not only wasting your valuable time (time you could be spending doing other things) but you’re also potentially missing out on clients (who might want to book on a Sunday evening, for example)

– Bookible can offer customizable options for each booked service or resource

– It also has the ability to create recurring bookings or multiple bookings at the same time (for different services/resources)

– You can add additional services into the checkout process to encourage clients to purchase more

– Keep track of your customers easily and contact them for future promotions

– Choose a template and customize it for your business

– Sell gift vouchers, packages or other products in your online store

– Easy resource management – the Bookible calendar can easily display which resources or staff members are available at any time.

– Easy integration with social media and newsletter software to skyrocket your business marketing

– Grow your business with Bookible – it’s not just a webpage, or a booking system, but a complete online marketing wizard.

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