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Why Bookible is perfect for Personal Trainers:

Do you want to make more money from your personal training business?

Bookible incorporates advanced marketing tools into intuitive, easy to use software that manages your website, your bookings, and your email marketing from one place, skyrocketing your revenue and at the same time making your life easier.

Here’s how it can help your business:

Build Your Own Website – Quickly and Easily!

  • We have a great range of pre-designed personal trainer websites that you can choose from
  • Once chosen, easily customize your new website with our drag and drop editor that allows you to add new sections, columns and elements to your site effortlessly, and style them to your specific needs
  • Even the most non-technically minded person will find our editor a breeze to use (as well as being fun!)
  • You can easily add new pages or blog posts to your site to keep your clients up to date with what’s going on, as well as launching new products or running special campaigns
  • Want to test out a new design? Easy! Create a totally new look for your site in no time and see how it performs
  • Add your own logo, social media share buttons, and social media follow buttons in a few clicks to allow your visitors to follow you and share your content

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Integrated Booking System:

  • Easily schedule group classes or teacher availability for private lessons
    You can have any number of instructors, class types, locations, pricing tiers, or anything else you can think of
  • Charge via credit card or Paypal at the time of booking
  • See all your bookings in a monthly, weekly or daily calendar at a glance
  • Allow your customers to easily see their bookings and to cancel or reschedule if necessary

          CLICK HERE to read more about Bookible’s powerful booking system.

Additional Sales Tools:

  • Add any number of additional products for clients to purchase – such as water bottles, clothing, training equipment, or supplements.
  • Set up membership options (such as unlimited classes for $299 per month)
  • Sell packages (such as 10 classes for $199) to increase customer spend and loyalty
  • Sell gift vouchers, coupons or store credit to add even more revenue generating options
  • Add one-click upsells and cross-sells at the time of checkout to significantly increase your revenue per customer!

Marketing Features:

  • Bookible has a built in email marketing system that allows you to keep track of your customers, send them automated email campaigns once they sign up to your mailing list, as well as do bulk mail-outs whenever you run promotions or launch new products (or just want to share information or a new blog post with them)
  • This can be used to keep your clients engaged with your business, and add additional value to your services
  • Every page on your new site can be easily linked to social media to allow your visitors to quickly share your site with their friends – promoting viral promotion that won’t cost you a cent
  • Built in email-optin pop-up collects your visitors email addresses so that you can promote to them in the future (don’t let potential clients get away!)
  • Bookible comes with an in-built blogging system allows you to create quick and easy blog posts to entertain and inform customers and potential customers, and to help you rank highly in search engines

           CLICK HERE to read more about Bookible’s great marketing features.

Even More Tools:

  • Built in Online Course Creation system so you can sell virtual courses to a global audience
  • Amazing support to help you get your new website set up and tailored for your business needs
  • Great training on all aspects of business management and marketing to help you use our tools in the most effective way and help your business succeed!


Bookible is the perfect website, booking engine, and marketing system for all personal trainer studios and instructors.

It’ll help you get set up and provide all the tools you need to manage and market your business from one easy dashboard.

Watch the video below to see a tour of the Bookible platform:

Are You Ready to Start Making More Money from your Business with the Power of Bookible?

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