Case Studies

Business: The Spanish Cat language school

Locations: Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and Perth (Australia)



The Spanish Cat wanted a new, more modern website with a more intuitive, enjoyable booking interface.

They were also after a new email marketing system to replace their expensive Mailchimp account – one that was linked to their booking system so they could send out custom emails to students based on their purchase history.

Their website content was not changed at all, but simply by transferring it to the clean, modern layout platform of the Bookible system, their website got the facelift they were looking for.

They then created a booking system which allows students to first choose their city, then their level, and finally the day and time which suit them.

They created a range of packages, allowing students to purchase packs of classes at a discount. This system uses Bookible’s “coupons” so the customers are given store credit when they purchase a package, which automatically gets deducted when they book in for classes.

They also incorporated an upsell system using Bookibles’ “smart offers”, which gives students the option of quickly adding a book to their cart upon checkout (for $15).

An online Spanish course was built using Bookible’s “course creation system” which students can purchase for $49.

And finally, an email optin form was built which allows students to sign up for a free 5 week Spanish course by entering in their email address.

Within just a couple of months of using Bookible as their website and marketing platform, The Spanish Cat has already seen a 17% increase in their revenue, without changing a single aspect of their business operations.

Business: Yoga Elixir

Locations: Brisbane, Australia



Sharon from Yoga Elixir needed a new website for her yoga studio in Brisbane.

She signed up with Bookible and is currently in the process of putting the finishing touches on her new site – ready to launch in November 2017!

Sharon found her old booking system no longer suited her business – as she needed a range of options such as package deals and subscriptions that her booking system just didn’t allow.

She loves using Bookible – with its user friendly interface, and has done all the design work on the site herself using our drag and drop editor!

Business: Vamos Melbourne

Locations: Melbourne, Australia



Vamos Melbourne needed a new website to showcase their list of upcoming events – from live bands to wine tasting nights.

They chose Bookible for its user friendly interface and its beautiful design templates, which easily allowed them (in just two days) to build a stunning new website for themselves.

They also use Bookible to host their mailing list of over 4,000 subscribers, sending out promotional emails each week right from their Bookible dashboard. New customers are added automatically to their mailing list as well.

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