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Why Bookible is perfect for Health Professionals:

Do you want to make more money from your clinic?

Bookible incorporates advanced marketing tools into intuitive, easy to use software that manages your website, your bookings, and your email marketing from one place, skyrocketing your revenue and at the same time making your life easier.

Here’s how it can help your business:


  • Select from our range of pre-designed website templates that are beautifully designed for health professionals and clincs
  • Customize your new website to make it perfectly reflect your business, your services, and your customer demographic.
  • Easily add new pages and blog posts to your site to keep your clients informed and updated about everything that’s going on in your business (as well as making it more likely to be found on search engines).
  • Add your own logo, social media share buttons, and social media follow buttons in a few clicks and link with all your social media accounts. Even health professionals need to be on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter these days!

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Booking System:

  • Bookible’s booking system is incredibly flexible, and allows you to easily schedule appointments for any number of practitioners, in any number of locations.
  • Allow each practitioner to have a completely custom schedule including days off and holidays.
  • Allow clients to schedule their own appointments with a practitioner of their choice, and cancel their appointments if necessary.
  • Different appointment types are also supported, with different costs and availability. Buffer times are easily set up if necessary (eg. mobile practitioners)
  • You can charge via credit card or Paypal at time of booking to streamline and automated the entire booking process
  • See all your bookings in a monthly, weekly or daily calendar at a glance

       CLICK HERE to find out more about Bookible’s powerful booking system.

Additional Sales Tools:

  • Set up membership options with discounts for members
  • Sell packages (such as 10 sessions for a discounted price)
  • Sell gift vouchers, coupons or store credit
  • One click upsells and cross-sells to significantly increase your revenue per customer
  • Add any number of additional products for clients to purchase – such as vitamins, minerals, therapeutic products, or anything else that compliments your business

Marketing Features:

  • Keep track of your customers easily and contact them with updates, important information, links to new blog posts, or promotions with our email marketing system
  • Every page links to social media to allow your clients to quickly share your site with friends
  • Built in email-optin pop-up collects your visitors email addresses so that you can promote to them in the future (don’t let potential clients get away!)
  • Automated email campaigns to deliver pre-written emails at set times to educate your subscribers about your services and nurture them into becoming customers
  • In-built blogging system allows you to create quick and easy blog posts which keep your current customers informed and entertained and helps attract new customers by improving your search ranking in Google (the more content your site has, the more likely it is to be displayed in the search engines).

           CLICK HERE to learn more about Bookible’s built in marketing features.

Even More Tools:

  • We provide amazing support to help you get your new website set up and tailored for your business needs
  • We also provide great training on all aspects of business management and marketing to help you use our tools in the most effective way and help your business succeed!

Bookible is the perfect website, booking engine, and marketing system for all health care professionals.  

Watch the video below to see a tour of the Bookible platform:

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