Complete Marketing System

Bookible’s Built In Marketing System

A website should not just look pretty, but it should have all the features you need to turn your casual visitors into loyal customers. Bookible’s marketing system has everything you need to achieve this, and it’s already set up for you!

The Sales Funnel

  • This website template comes with an in-built sales funnel.
  • Most visitors to your site won’t purchase on the first visit, so you need a way to keep them engaged with you and coming back to your site until they are ready to purchase. 
  • Capture your visitors’ email addresses through easily customizable forms and pop-ups as well as a specially designed “squeeze page”.
  • Send them automated emails to keep them engaged and educated them about your services.
  • Send special offers to convince them to sign up and give you a try!

Built in Email Marketing System

  • Are you currently using Mailchimp or another email marketing platform for you email marketing? Say goodbye! Email marketing is fully integrated into Bookible.
  • Set up any number of drip campaigns to automatically send pre-written emails to your subscribers and customers and keep them engaged and make them purchase more.
  • Add people to certain campaigns upon making a booking so you can educate them about their upcoming service from you.
  • Send follow up emails after they’ve received their service to get valuable feedback
  • Send special coupons to leads who meet certain criteria or who are at a certain point in your sales cycle

  Built in Sales Tools

  • Upsell and Cross-sell your products and services easily with “one click add to cart” promotions on cart and checkout pages
  • Offer memberships for discounted pricing and get recurring subscription fees so your customers pay you every month without fail!
  • Offer special “packages” to increase overall spend per customer
  • Offer store credit or gift vouchers to amplify sales even more

Built in Blogging System

  • Our system is built on WordPress and has a beautiful, easy to use blogging system built into it.
  • This is great for SEO (blog posts on subjects related to your business will help you rank well in the search engines) as well as for keeping your customers engaged.
  • Blog posts are also great to share on social media, and can be boosted through advertising to drive even more traffic to your website.

Built in Facebook Pixel and Google Conversion Tracking:

  • Facebook and Google advertising can be used with special tracking code so that you can see how effective your ads actually are.
  • This helps you tweak your marketing campaigns and improve their ROI (return on investment), getting you more customers at a lower price (just what you want!)


Watch the video below to see a tour of the Bookible platform:

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